UVA Threat Assessment | Help

Frequently Asked Questions

(For students, parents, and school staff members)

I lost my password or my password is not working.
Please speak with the teacher or staff member at your school who gave you the password.

I did not answer all of the questions before I lost my connection or had to stop the program.
Your answers will not count unless you answer all of the questions. Please start the program again.

Why do others have the same password?
No one will be able to identify your answers because many people are using the same password.

I am having a problem with my Internet connection or getting the program to run.
Please speak with the person at your school who gave you your password.

Will anyone know how I answered questions on the program?
No one will know which answers came from you.

The program made me concerned about possible violence at school.
If you have concerns about possible violence, or other concerns raised by the program, please speak to your school principal or assistant principal.

I have other questions.
The person who gave you your password will direct you to the right person to answer your questions.

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